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About Dyonic

Dyonic is a global media and tech company connecting people to their passions. We provide the safest and fastest services around the globe.

External Dyonic’s Direction

Dyonic is constantly striving to improve our technology and stay ahead of the curve to ensure we are at the forefront of the future of AI.

Officially founded in

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Who uses Dyonic

Dyonic powers people and organizations of all sizes — from single-person startups to multinational enterprises - and we are only just getting started. We are looking for talented, creative people to build the future of Dyonic!

We strive to provide products that are both secure and fast, so that our customers can have the best experience possible.

Dyonic was founded because we were frustrated by manually setting up and maintaining dev environments.

Everyone working at Dyonic has a passion for the work we do. We foster a culture of flat hierarchy, where everyone has a voice and we seek input from the whole company on key decisions.

At Dyonic, people care about what they are building. Help us build something that has real value. We feel that we should work with the best software out there and support those that build it - Dyonic is using open source for almost everything.

Built on shared principles

Values are important to us. We are developer-led and aim for a frictionless experience when interacting with our product, our company and our brand: no hurdles, no BS, no unnecessary extra steps.

We believe in the benefits of an open culture. We are open minded, inclusive, transparent and curious. We always remain students of the game, not masters of the game. We have opinions, but are not opinionated. We integrate, don't dictate.


Find out more

We have always built in the open. If you want to learn more take a look through of our public Notion pages.

Collaboration with strong partners like GitLab, JetBrains & Tailscale

We are strong believers in creating better-together partnerships. World-leading software companies are teaming up with us to make remote development the best choice for developers.

Made by an amazing team

Dyonic wouldn’t be what it is today without this talented, humble and joyful team.

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