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Dyonic Community Heroes

Our program recognises developers that go above and beyond to contribute to Dyonic.

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Community is always at the heart of Dyonic.

Community is at the heart of Dyonic. Together with our Community Heroes, we want to push our mission of empowering developers to make software engineering collaborative and joyful again.

Community Heroes

Your benefits

This is not a paid position, but in exchange for contributing to Dyonic, you will get access to some great and exclusive rewards and perks.


Opportunities to grow

We promise you a safe space to improve your coding, content creation or even public speaking skills.


Build a network

Build your network with our thriving community, connect with and learn from like-minded people.



Associate yourself with our brand and become one of our community moderators on Discord.

Free OSS plan

Free OSS plan

Enjoy free credits on any service.

Extra resources

Receive exclusive swag, access to resources to help you spread the word, content reviews from the Dyonic team, and more!

Beta access

Test new features before they are officially released and share your feedback with our product teams.

Eligibility criteria

To become part of the Dyonic’s Community Heroes program, you’d need to:

  • Be at least 18+ years old and have a Dyonic account in good standing
  • Be committed to Dyonic's values of diversity, equity & inclusion
  • Be eager to dyonify and to tell the world about Dyonic
  • Enjoy creating and sharing technical content be it via Newsroom posts, social media, public speaking, workshops or conferences. You must have examples ready to show us!
  • Enjoy helping the Dyonic community 💙
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Join us empowering developers to make engineering collaborative and joyful again.

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