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Spend less time reviewing pull-requests, on-boarding contributors and more time on building great things.

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Why Open Source?

Dyonic loves Open Source because it enables them to collaborate with a global community of developers, to learn from others and to share their own ideas and projects. Open Source also enables us to create innovative solutions and products with the help of the collective knowledge and creativity of the Open Source community. Furthermore, Open Source tools and platforms are generally free, so Dyonic can leverage them to reduce costs and maximize their resources.


Ryen is our biggest Open Source project. It gives you powerful blocks to create unique chat experiences. Embed them anywhere on your web/mobile apps and start collecting results like magic.


Program benefits


Dyonic for free

Maintainers get a special plan for a service each month to use.

Special treats

Special treats

If your open-source software appears in our bill of materials then Dyonic would like to give you a special present or more as our way of saying thank-you.

Personal onboarding

Personal onboarding

We are here to help you with getting started and can provide ongoing support for our services.

Eligibility criteria

To qualify for Dyonic’s Open Source program, need to meet one of these criteria: (If it is approved, we will send you an email)

  • You are a maintainer, core contributor to a well-established free software or open-source project.
  • You regularly contribute to free software or open source communities in other ways (e.g. producing regular content like newsroom posts, videos, live streams, translations, or organizing meet-ups, conferences, hackathons, etc).
  • You are an author, core contributor of extensions for editors such as VSCode, VIM, Emacs, et al. or of developer tools such as build systems, programming languages, compilers, and editor tooling such as Language Server Protocol (LSP) implementations.
  • A significant part of your income (employment or via community support) is from maintaining or producing open source work.
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I'm not eligible but still want to use Dyonic

We have a very generous free plans which includes many features. We currently offer a free plan for all of our products.

Open source is in our DNA

Dyonic is open-source and so are all the tools we develop and contribute to.

Open VSX Registry

Open VSX Registry

A marketplace for open-source VS Code extensions that can be used for any compatible editor.

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An extensible framework to develop full-fledged multi-language Cloud & Desktop IDEs.

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Werft is a Kubernetes-native CI system. It knows no pipelines, just jobs and each job is a Kubernetes pod. What you do in that pod is up to you.

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Towards a maintainer economy

Dyonic supports the high achievers that our digital society is built upon.

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Spend less time reviewing pull-requests, onboarding contributors and more time on building great things.

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