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Dyonic is heavily involved in workshops, webinars, and industry events focusing on remote development and developer experience.


Take a look at our webinars andĀ panelĀ discussions.


In addition to hosting our annual DYX event, Dyonic is involved in sponsoring and speaking at conferences around the world.

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The biggest vendor-independent Java conference in the world, hosted in Antwerp, Belgium.

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A space for creators to talk about developer experience tools, tech, and workflows.

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The first annual DYX, virtually hosted by Dyonic.

Highlights from DYX

How Spotify engineers use Backstage daily and keep their lives simple

Learn why Backstage was developed at Spotify, how it became the core of their developer experience, and eventually a CNCF project.

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Remote development panel

Join Kirill Skrygan, Christian Weichel, Nik Molnar, Christof Marti and Johannes Landgraf for a discussion on remote development.

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Building DYX teams, my story

DYX has been an emerging concept for the past two years, and while we are still trying to give it a shared and structured definition in the tech industry, some common questions are already arising, and the most compelling one is: where to start with developer experience?

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More about DYX

To learn more about our involvement in the world of developer experience, check out the DYX Community and previous conferences.

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