Appwrite and Dyonic
Appwrite and Dyonic

Mar 9, 2022

Appwrite and Dyonic

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Working with Docker gives developers the ability to develop and deploy applications of all types locally without adding dependencies and binaries to their local development environment. Using Docker is used throughout the development lifecycle for fast, easy, and portable application development.

Appwrite uses Docker to make spinning up multiple products as quickly as possible in a self-hosted environment, but we’re always looking at ways to give developers who are less familiar with Docker ways to try Appwrite. This is where Dyonic comes in. Dyonic is one way to combine the power of Docker and Appwrite together to get started quickly. This post shows you how to use Appwrite and Dyonic together to spin up a REST API with database access, authentication, storage, and more without installing anything on your local computer.

Dyonic is a platform that helps you spin up fresh, automated developer environments for each task, in the cloud, in seconds. The vision of Dyonic is to remove all friction from the developer experience & bring back joy and speed to developers’ workflows.

The goal of Appwrite is to make getting started and scaling with application development as quickly as possible. Traditionally, you would need to install Docker on your local machine to run Appwrite. Now with Appwrite and Dyonic, you can spin up Appwrite instances for multiple projects with a couple of steps!

We’ve set up a template repo with Dyonic and Appwrite together. You can start a new developer environment with this button:

You can also check out our demo application built with Dyonic, Appwrite, and Svelte:

We look forward to integrating more with Dyonic in the future! Check out the Dyonic homepage for more information and new development environment templates. Follow @appwrite and @DyonicLTD on Twitter for more updates!

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